What is a GTO?

Googled 'apprenticeship' or 'traineeship' lately and keep getting the words Group Training Organisation or GTO pop-up and have no idea what they're talking about…you're not the only one. When considering taking on a career pathway with an apprenticeship or traineeship, you need to do your research and get to know what you may be in for, but frankly that information can be confusing, let alone an ultimate snooze fest to read up on. So here we've tried to...

Squad Trainee of the Month - Emily McIntosh

​"Squad Recruitment have been amazing! We found that Squad recruitment services provided us with extremely great candidates for our traineeship that we were offering. Squad was used for our trainee recruitment program and the ease of which they sourced candidates for the job was amazing. They continually updated us to where they were regarding candidates, their attention to listen and act on what we wanted in a trainee was spot on. They submitted a few resumes to us to view...

10 Ways to increase your workplace safety

In Recognition of National Safe Work Month we've captured 10 tips on safety that all businesses need to know. ​ ​ 1. Train your employees Comprehensive training is a must for preventing workplace injury. Make sure that all of your employees have access to – and complete – all safety training for their positions. 2. Recognise and reward employees for displaying and participating in safe work practices Recognising and rewarding your employees is a great way to encourage...

Welcome Kyle!


We are pleased to announce Kyle Breust has recently accepted the role of School Based Coordinator at our Wagga Wagga office.

Kyle has some great industry experience working in DES and most recently the labour hire market in Wagga.

Welcome to the SQUAD Kyle!

If you would like to speak to Kyle about any of you career needs please send him an email kyle.breust@squad.org.au 

2021 Victorian Training Awards Finalist!

#squadwins Here at Squad we are extremely excited to announce that our trainee Emma Dreverman has been selected as a finalist for the 2021 VIC Training Awards!! 🥳 Emma finished her traineeship (Certificate III in Business) in April this year. After such a difficult year in and out of lockdowns Emma remained strongly engaged with her mentor and training, fully focused on getting her completion, what an amazing trainee that utilised all that Squad had to offer. She has decided to...

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