We see strength in face to face conversation and setting our clients up for success. They know we genuinely care and are committed to helping them navigate through the process.


We go over and above for our clients, nothing is too hard and this shines through our service and relationships.


We are easy to deal with and take care of the hard work for you. People are drawn to us through our enthusiasm and expertise. Our ability to relate and connect with makes us truly personable.


Rhiannon Pink

Creating positive payroll experiences “We read the awards so you don’t have to”

Sandrine Ross

I’ll support you in all of your career goals

Tegan Penski

I’m here to help you succeed in building your future

Sonia Hosie

Dedicated to supporting and coordinating a team of champions

Ali Franks

If you want to do well, you have to use each day as an opportunity to improve, it might sound like hard work but only you have the power to be your best.

Kellie Howard

I love seeing and supporting employees, teams and employers achieve their goals and succeed.

Tess Murphy

I’m here to support and set career goals through your employment journey.

Jon Philpin

I sell benefits not products

Bec Linehan

Ensuring a safe work environment for all Squad employees

Marcia Gray

I am committed to administrative needs and student success.

Geoff Brunning

I support the Squad and its evolving systems.


Joe Scollo

Working with the Metro Market to secure the right staffing solutions

Wagga Wagga

Caitlin Linsell

The best employees are happy employees


Kylie Grove

Con Cunningham

Let’s create your success story

Cathy LeCerf

Offering extensive employment and retention solutions and support