We are a non-profit organisation that advantages communities by building trained and resourced workforces to fulfill greater staffing and job-seeking demands.
About | Squad | Employment Services & Training Solutions | Australia

Our Squad is about people and productivity, not profit. For over 40 years we have remained firmly grounded as a non-profit organisation dedicated to building stronger workforces. We understand Australia's workforce landscape is constantly evolving bringing greater staffing and job seeking demands. Squad advantages communities through building exceptionally trained and resourced workforces.

Core brand values

Transparent - We are honest, transparent and genuine in our customer service. We encourage open communication with our clients, businesses and each other.

Compassionate - We are caring and supportive in nature, we are invested in our community and are encouraged to make a difference to other’s people lives every day.

Professional - We are industry experts in our fields, we are committed to improving processes and making things easier for our clients. We look forward to new opportunities and know that it is our people that sets us apart.

Teamwork - We work together as a team, with shared goals. We are driven to be the best we can, to support and inspire each other. We are proud of our culture and what it means to set others up for success.

Approachable - We are friendly and opened, and we believe in the true meaning of relationships. Our approach takes the hassle out of our clients every day and that they are in good hands.