Squad celebrates International Women's Day!!

Squad celebrates International Women's Day!!

Today we celebrate all that it is amazing about being a woman!

So we thought we'd ask our fearlessly female CEO Kellie Howard to tell us a little it about herself.

KH: I will admit to not loving the post being about me but I do believe that I am only as good as the people around me - we are a team here at Squad.

I finished VCE and 2 weeks later started working full time as a trainee, in what we call now a gap year. I remember getting my first pay rise and taking home $150 per week!

I completed university part time while working full time at a local Accounting Firm and then completed my CPA not long after my second baby was born.

I run 24 km's a week and aim to do 4 reformer pilates classes - for me it is so good to clear the mind, I often work through many things mentally during my run.

My guilty pleasure is reality TV, and I'm not ashamed of it either!

When I was a teenager I was sure I would be discovered and end up on the set of 90210 or Growing Pains!

I love music, old new and alternative.

I often spend my mornings and afternoons in the car with my 2 teenagers working through typical teen drama like - snap chat streaks and stories, attempting to learn the latest Tik Tok, trying to understand mountain bike talk - berms, whips, picking the best line!

The best part of my job - the challenge, no day is the same, my team and as cliche as it sounds I do love what I do!

You are only ever as good as the team and those that support you.

Finally, here are some phrases I live by - 'to infinity and beyond' and 'have courage and be kind'

Happy International Women's Day - Kellie

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