What is a GTO?

What is a GTO?

Googled 'apprenticeship' or 'traineeship' lately and keep getting the words Group Training Organisation or GTO pop-up and have no idea what they're talking about…you're not the only one.

When considering taking on a career pathway with an apprenticeship or traineeship, you need to do your research and get to know what you may be in for, but frankly that information can be confusing, let alone an ultimate snooze fest to read up on. So here we've tried to break it down for you, because honestly GTO's are the bomb and you really need to know this stuff when starting your career journey.

So, what is a Group Training Organisation (GTO)?

US, here at SQUAD we, like many other companies, are a GTO. We have highly trained mentors and recruiters across Albury Wodonga, Melbourne, Wagga Wagga and Sydney dedicated to finding you a suitable apprenticeship or traineeship that you can succeed in. We do this with our 'host businesses', these are employers looking to employ an apprentice or trainee, it’s the 'hosts' job to provide you with on-the-job training and it’s the place you go to work physically every day. They have the experience and expertise in the job and will show you the ropes.

We do the heavy lifting (paperwork, there’s lots of it) for them. We will essentially be your legal employer, we pay you, we set you up with your RTO (schooling trainer), and ensure you have everything you need to thrive and succeed.

Think of Squad as your Apprenticeship/Traineeship management service.

Why go through a GTO? Oh sooooo many reasons....but here’s a few..

1. If you're willing to work, we want to employ you.
GTO’s have recruiters and careers advisors that go out specifically to find the right apprenticeship or traineeship for you, with a host employer best suited to your personality. We are like your work matchmaker (too much ??)

2. We make sure you have everything in order before starting on the job training, and ensure you have all the right tools to succeed.
Be confident that all your paperwork is in place – it’s confusing we know - timesheets, enrolment forms, tax file number declarations - with so much paperwork for so many organisations Squad are here to help. We ensure nothing gets missed, so you can focus on your job, training and furthering your career.

3. We’re invested in seeing you complete your qualification
By being employed by our GTO, if the host employer runs out of work, don't stress, we will help you find a new host – our focus is on finishing your apprenticeship or traineeship. No dodgy backyard transactions, being underpaid or not allocated the time to complete your schooling – we are registered and regulated by the State authorities. We make sure you're treated fairly and get the most out of your qualification to ensure you succeed.

4. We ACTUALLY care
Our mentoring service means you get a dedicated mentor to help you through your entire apprenticeship or traineeship – ask them anything – they love to help out and please know tthat no question is ever silly – our mentors go by – if you don’t ask you will never know! We want to see you successfully complete your apprenticeship or traineeship and support you from start to finish.

So if you're seeking variety, experience and guidance while gaining a qualification, and you see an apprenticeship or traineeship in your future why not get the information and support you need from a GTO like us, we can help kick-start your career journey.

Register today at www.squad.org.au/Register

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