10 Ways to increase your workplace safety

10 Ways to increase your workplace safety

In Recognition of National Safe Work Month we've captured 10 tips on safety that all businesses need to know. ​ ​

1. Train your employees Comprehensive training is a must for preventing workplace injury.
Make sure that all of your employees have access to – and complete – all safety training for their positions.

2. Recognise and reward employees for displaying and participating in safe work practices Recognising and rewarding your employees is a great way to encourage workplace safety.
Giving out small rewards to employees who follow and set a good example to others are more likely to be engaged, which can make a big difference in reducing workplace injuries.

3. Engage in Health partnerships
At SQUAD we engage with health partners to ensure the best advice, support and insight into workplace injury and prevention.

4. Put up signs
Signs are a cheap and effective way to quickly communicate important information. They're usually simple and rely on pictures to detail hazards and proper procedures. These tools are good reminders and warnings for even the most experienced worker.

5. Keep the workplace clean and tidy
A messy workplace can lead to unnecessary accidents. Make sure boxes are stacked safely and spills are cleaned up quickly. Conduct regular inspections to check for potential dangers such as tangled cords, messy floors, and disorganized tools. Programs like 5S often provide beneficial improvements in organization that can lead to reduced clutter. Cleaning is such an important part of our lives especially to reduce the risk of spreading infectious disease such as COVID-19.

6. Make sure employees have access to the tools and equipment they need to their job.
The right tools and equipment create a better product and a safer work environment. It’s also important that all equipment is cleaned, serviced, and inspected regularly. Machine malfunctions are one of the most dangerous workplace hazards.

7. Encourage breaks
Stretch breaks are an easy way to improve workplace ergonomics and employee health. Taking even five minutes to stretch can ease muscle tension and loosen joints, reducing the potential for repetitive motion injuries. Active movements have been shown to reduce soreness, stiffness, and injury. Going for a quick walk or spending time away from your desk is also just as important.

8. Make safety a priority from day 1
Workplace safety starts from day one, a safe workplace starts with employees who follow safety requirements and perform their jobs safely following any relevant procedures. Make sure all employees have been inducted into your workplace prior to commencing any work.

9. Keep the conversations going
It is important to remember that safety is everyone’s business and everyone in the workplace holds some accountability toward their own health and safety and those around them. It is a work in progress. Make it easy for employees to come to you or a nominated person to raise issues or concerns, report incidents etc.

10. Have regular meetings / toolbox talks with your employees
It never hurts to be over-prepared. Regular meetings to review safety rules and discuss prevention keep workplace safety top of mind so that when something does happen, everyone knows what to do right away. As an employer, it’s your responsibility to protect your employees and provide a safe workplace.

Use these ten tips to get started, and partner with SQUAD to help make your workplace safe, healthy, and productive. For more information please email us today at hello@squad.org.au

Remember safety is everyone’s business. ​

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