One Whole Year of Squad

One Whole Year of Squad

​Who would be thinking it has now been 12 months since ATEL became SQUAD... certainly not us! 
​​So to catch up on the year that was, we thought why not have a quick chat with the forever talented leader of Squad, our CEO Kellie Howard.

12 months on from launching the new name and the transformation from ‘ATEL’ to ‘SQUAD’, can you tell us a little bit about the motivation behind the change and how you feel this progression has gone?

Having been in a business for almost 40 years we had along the way made some small changes to our logo, however it was time that we made a big change. We are very proud of our history, but we wanted to shift away from acronyms to become more appealing to our audience and be more engaging. The new name is really only a small part - our whole brand and message has changed, and Squad fits perfectly with what we set out to achieve. It's fun, different and energising.

You’ve been around the business for a long time now, you’ve seen just about everything in the recruitment/training industry, but probably nothing more bizarre then the last 12 months. Can you give us a quick take on how you're working in the current climate and ensuring the new SQUAD doesn’t get left behind?

Every part of our world is online now - when it has to be. We still love being able to meet businesses, candidates and trainees face to face - we are at the end of the day about our people and making connections. We had toyed with the idea of zoom meetings, interviews, Facebook groups, online inductions for some time and in some ways lockdowns and the pandemic has been a real positive, we had to adapt to these methods. We are now more paperless than ever (huge benefits to our environment) and we have the ability to offer our clients, students and employee's multiple ways of communicating and working with us. We have a team that are very open to new ideas and technologies which has been a huge benefit to all. Squad are now able to meet, interview and train via Zoom, Teams and Facetime. We collaborate and stay connected via FaceBook groups, instant messaging and email. Our inductions, timesheets and finances are all online, and we are constantly looking at ways to continue to improve and find efficiencies. It's been challenging but immensely rewarding.

What’s on the agenda for Squad the in next 12 months?

The next 12 months for Squad is about community, engaging our youth and job seekers to create pathways to a long rewarding career, upskilling workforces and assisting businesses to rebuild.

To find out more about what we've been up to, or jump onboard with the exciting things we have coming up get in contact today.

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