The Happiness Hero

The Happiness Hero is a Workplace Wellbeing program aimed to support the health and wellbeing of our Squad employees.

We all experience difficult times and hardship throughout our lives, how we manage this and continue to show up each day plays a big part in our over-all Health and Wellbeing.

Let us help you achieve optimal health and wellbeing by working with you to thrive. 

The Happiness Hero program can help you create life-long strategies and techniques that will assist you to manage stress, anxiety and improve your wellbeing and resilience.

This program aims to:

- Explore what might be contributing to your stress or anxieties
- Help you gain clarity on your thoughts and feelings
- Provide advice and resources
- Help you create goals and support you to achieve them

As a part of this program we have partnered with Acacia EAP who are experienced in providing a range of professional and confidential counselling services for both personal and work-related issues.

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Kylie Grove is the Health & Wellbeing partner for our Happiness Hero Initiative. Her passion is to help others achieve and maintain good mental health.

The Squad Health and Wellbeing Initiative helped me get back on track after a few big life events occurred that rattled me a little more than expected. Through this program, I was able to access counseling, that without the help of Squad, I would not have prioritised due to the financial burden of ongoing treatment. If I had not been able to access the program, Iā€™m not sure I would have been able to maintain my full-time job and manage my work effectively.