Squad Trainee of the Month - Emily McIntosh

Squad Trainee of the Month - Emily McIntosh

​"Squad Recruitment have been amazing!

We found that Squad recruitment services provided us with extremely great candidates for our traineeship that we were offering.
Squad was used for our trainee recruitment program and the ease of which they sourced candidates for the job was amazing. They continually updated us to where they were regarding candidates, their attention to listen and act on what we wanted in a trainee was spot on.

They submitted a few resumes to us to view and then organized the appointments for each of the candidates for us to interview. Squad chose candidates that would have fitted into our office with ease.
Squad have a great follow-up with the trainee and ensures that they are on course to complete their traineeship. The support from Squad to the trainee has been great, they are always there to help with the course subjects.

The Candidate that we chose was Emily McIntosh

Emily’s resume was simple and to the point and stood out amongst the other resumes that we looked at.

In her interview for the position, Emily projected maturity above her young age of 16. We were impressed with her ability to communicate and answer our questions with ease and truthfulness. We had no doubt that she would be the right fit for our busy practice.

Since joining the RJ Sanderson team Emily has developed her skill sets quickly and has gained knowledge and confidence in her role as a receptionist. Emily is equally adept in talking to clients and communicating with managers and coworkers within the RJ Sanderson Network.

Emily is such an asset in our team and we are looking forward to being a part of her future.

Thank you Squad for sending us a great applicant for the role that we need filled" - Host RJ Sanderson and Associates, Albury

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